Unleash the Power of Individualized Nutrition

Evidence and Researched Based

I formulate every diet based on current nutrition science along with nutrient guidelines to ensure a balanced diet to support your dog's health. Age, breed, activity level and past medical history are all taken into account when formulating.

Functional and Appropriate Ingredients

Every ingredient I choose to include in formulations are there for a reason. I look at nutrient density, bioavailability and anti-nutrients into account when choosing the foods. All of the ingredients chosen will be approved by you so that you know they are easily accessible and that your dog enjoys them.

Raw and Cooked Diets

I formulate both raw and cooked diets (or a combination of both). There are many cases in which a cooked diet is more beneficial than a raw diet. I will always formulate a diet that is most appropriate for that individual dog.

100% Personalized

Every diet I formulate is specific to your dog and their needs- no two recipes will be identical. I take into account every aspect of your dog along with likes and dislikes. I will do everything I can to include ingredients that your dog loves and I will not ask you to use foods that they don't like. I want your dog to fully enjoy what they are eating.

Family Friendly

Along with customizing a recipe for your dog's likes, I also do my best to make the transition to homemade food as seamless as possible. I know how time consuming a homemade diet can be so I make it a goal to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Online Support

All of my services are completely online so I can help anyone no matter what your location is. The entire process is done through email, though phone or local support (Albany, NY) can be arranged if needed.


I utilize nutrition science to create balanced diets that are tailored specifically with your dog in mind. I know how time consuming and expensive feeding a homemade diet can be and I make it a goal of mine to determine how to make feeding a fresh food diet work for you and your household, whether it be cooked, raw or even just a kibble topper to enhance the nutrition in the bowl. Through my intake process, I get to know you and your dog so that I can provide the best formulation possible.

I formulate both cooked and raw recipes for single and multi-dog households as well as recipes for families wanting to feed kibble as part of the diet. This includes those wanting to feed just a fresh food topper and those wanting to just supplement a homemade diet with kibble. I also provide recipe analysis services for those who want to make sure all of their dog’s nutrient requirements are being met in their current homemade diet.

I look forward to working with you!