Frequently Asked Questions

Once I receive your completed intake form, I will review it and send any questions that I need further clarification on. Everything is done via email, though I am willing to set up a phone call for an initial consultation if needed.

Recipes can be raw or cooked. Some dogs, such as older dogs or those with GI problems, may do better on cooked diets but for the most part it is up to you on which type of formulation you would prefer.

Recipe adjustment is a normal part of this process. Each service comes with a support period for you to ask any questions and for any minor adjustments to be made. Not included in this time are any adjustments needed due to changes in ingredient availability. 

It is important that you give me as much information as possible when filling out the intake form. Being as thorough as possible can help reduce the adjustments that need to be made.

I aim to use whole foods wherever possible to meet NRC nutrient requirements. However, depending on many factors including your dogs energy requirements, medical conditions and/or what ingredients you can source, supplements may be needed to complete the diet. I always work with the owners to determine what their goals are with the recipe and how to best meet those.

Each recipe is formulated to the specific dog that you purchase the formulation for. While you may be able to feed the same recipe to another one of your dogs, I will not be able to guarantee that it will be suitable.

All recipes are formulated using nutrition science to ensure that all nutrient requirements are met. Raw feeding guidelines typically result in various nutrient deficiencies that can cause significant health problems over time.

In the intake form, there is a detailed section where you can choose what ingredients are

available and those that you are comfortable feeding. I will only use ingredients that you indicate as options. Prior to receiving your final report, I will send you a proposed list of ingredients for you to approve. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can source AND are willing to buy each ingredient. Once the list is approved, changes in ingredients due to sourcing will be an extra charge.

Carbohydrates can be incredibly beneficial ingredients in a canine diet. Most often, they are included in small amounts but certain medical conditions require higher quantities. More information on the benefits of carbohydrates can be found here

Every once in a while a dog may be picky about first switching to raw. Should this happen, I will work with you to determine what needs to be done to get the dog to eat. If you are worried about this, do be open with me so we can try to avoid any issues.

No, the recipe must be fed as written to guarantee a complete and balanced diet. If you would like options so your dog doesn't eat the same food every day, you may purchase multiple recipes.