Itchy Dog Formulation


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Is your dog constantly itching and scratching? Have you tried changing their diet with little to no relief? Tried conventional medication that didn’t make a long term difference?

Itchy dog formulations will take your dogs entire food and health history into account and will often start with an elimination diet so that any food intolerances are determined. Due to the design of elimination diets, you will likely be changing up the diet every other week for several months. All of these adjustments are included in the cost of the formulation.

All itchy dog formulations will be designed to support your dogs immune system and are formulated to reduce inflammation. This can help reduce environmental allergy symptoms in cases where food intolerances may not be playing a role.

All formulations are balanced to NRC nutritional profiles where applicable. The final formulation report will include a nutritional analysis, prep instructions and feeding instructions. Unlimited email support is included in the cost.